Q. What on earth is VR Coach?

A. VR Coach is a specialist coaching and consulting firm for Airbnb and vacation rental managers.

Q. What is our company vision?

A. A better industry. Smarter solutions. More agile operators. Happier people all round.

Q. Where are VR Coach based?

A. We incorporated in the UK and have based our global HQ’s in the bright and lively city of Barcelona.

Q. When was VR Coach founded and launched?

A. We founded and launched in early 2019, bringing many years experience from in and out of the industry.

Q. What type of services does VR Coach offer?

A. We provide a range of specialist advisory services and set packages for customers to achieve their specific goals and objectives more rapidly…

Breakdown of our services

Entire market

  • Finance/M&A

  • IT/Software Solutions

    • CRM

  • Planning, Strategy & Delivery

    • Finance & Operations

    • Marketing & PR

    • Sales & Events

    • Customer Success

    • Customer Experience

  • Recruitment, Locations & Personnel

  • Culture, Training & Development

Property owners and managers

  • Legal framework

  • Tech solutions

    • Channel Manager

    • Property Management Systems

    • Dynamic Pricing

    • Revenue Management

    • Guest Experience

Solutions providers and service companies

  • Legal framework

  • Tech solutions

    • SaaS

    • Project management

    • Product development

    • Implementation

    • UI/UX



Q. Who are our customers?

A. We work with four main segments of the market

  • Property owners

  • Property managers

  • Solutions providers

    • Hardware

    • Software/SaaS

  • Service businesses

    • Cleaning

    • Concierge

    • Housekeeping

Q. Where are our customers based?

A. We work worldwide - primarily in the Americas & EMEA and a growing number across APAC.

Q. What does our typical customer look like?

A. We collaborate with a wide variety of customers. These range from fresh ventures to established enterprises operating in multiple continents or even globally. The majority at present are mid-sized.

Q. What do we we actually solve for customers?

A. The vacation rental sector is being revolutionised and it’s anticipated the market size will reach €193.89b by 2021. To cope with this growth, we help the industry to set better standards of professionalisation and use smarter solutions.

Q. Why would I choose VR Coach to help?

A. We help you realise your dream. Whether it be an Airbnb startup that needs assistance with a coaching packages or propelling your SaaS business to new global heights with tailored consulting services, we act as a highly efficient extension of your operation. Our seasoned team are available for short-term or long-term projects to fit your specific needs.

Q. What are the costs involved in the services?

A. Our range of services and packages are very powerful, so likely need not cover every business area. These have a clearly defined structure, and being modular, can be priced after our initial conversation, which takes around 15-20 minutes and is free!

Q. How do we manage any potential conflict of interest concerns that may arise from our day-to-day activities?

A. We thoroughly assess each new collaboration to avoid the need for service restriction to other entities, unless doing so would be in conflict with the interests of a customer we are working with.